Homosexuality – Nature vs. Nurture – Psychology – Debate

Have you ever considered what makes a person gay?

Do some people have a genetic makeup that characterizes them in such a way that it’s completely natural to find attractive members of the same sex?

Or, possibly is it their environment and social influences that lead to certain promiscuity and same sex relationships?

There are many theories as to exactly influences homosexuality. As you can see, this site is the creation of months of effort into understanding what leads to same gender relationships.

Please take the time to read through our personal blog’s and gather insight into both sides of the argument.

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Animals and Homosexuality

  • Homosexuality is quite common in the animal kingdom, especially among herding animals.

13 Responses

  1. There are those who hold to the theory that people who engage in homosexual behavior are “born that way” – that they’re merely acting upon their unique genetic make-up. They desperately cling to, and repeatedly cite various “studies” which seem to support the “born that way” theory. They entirely disregard the fact that to date, there has been no credible, empirical evidence to support the theory, nor has the “respectable” scientific community embraced even one study. In fact, the vast majority of studies have been debunked outright, and the associated “scientists” have been exposed as homosexual activists attempting to further an extremist agenda.
    Science shows that you were NOT born that way. http://www.mygenes.co.nz Human (and animals for that matter) learn “behavior” from their environment. Homosexuality is learned, and can be unlearned if desired. 2% of the heterosexual population state that they were at one time exclusively homosexual. This shows sexuality is fluid and not fixed. Ex gay movement is huge and growing. How can it possibly be genetic??

    • okay mandy. when people say they are “born that way” it is because being homosexual isnt a choice one just desides to do. The thought has to be in there head before they actually decided to do. Like i said it isnt just a choice.

    • So what you’re saying is they choose to be outcast from regular people by choice and they choose to be beaten to death (which recently happened in my state) and ostracised for who they are?? wow

      • On a sidenote: I have a friend who constantly attempted to “pray the gay away” because his own parents hated him.

    • . there is nothing wrong with being gay and nobody should have to feel they should change who they are.

    • Gays are taught to be gay by horrible parenting! Gays are all the most insecure, inept, group of beings on the planet! They should feel outcast! They aren’t normal and we shouldn’t pat them on the back for acting on their deviant urges! Procreate, find a wife, make babies! Gay girls, get yourself together, pretty up and find a husband and make babies! That is God’s will!

  2. Do people have sexual choice? Homosexuality is a topic of much controversy. activists across the world support three basic ideas. The first being that it is normal, therefore it is perfectly healthy, acceptable, and without bad effects. The second is that it is innate, and genetic, so it is a part of the very nature and existence of homosexuals. The third follows the second, it is that since it is a part of the homosexual’s very being, it is unchangeable. To them trying to deny yourself it would be like a bird trying to be a fish. On the other hand there are the three different church ideas on homosexuality which are separated into the conservative, progressive, and modern views. The conservative view basically says that the bible clearly teaches against homosexuality, so a homosexual should just repent and if they cannot change themselves Gods grace will. The progressive view is that God created everything and everyone the way they are, so sexual orientation is not a question of morality, but rather a gift from God. The modern view is that homosexuality is a sin, but it admits that sexual orientation is not easily changed. It suggests that a person should do his best to change. If he can’t change then he should be celibate, and if he can’t do that then he should be as monogamous as possible. I have never accepted homosexuality as a natural or good lifestyle, but the ideas that we should shun and hate them have always seemed wrong to me. However, most of the Ideas mentioned above are either unrealistic or a flat out lie. Homosexuality is not normal according to our biology, and might I add it is very risky when it comes to diseases. The other idea that it is genetic is to me a flat out lie, unless you want us to believe that people are slaves to their genetics and have no choice in their lives. People do choose who they are, but when it comes to sexuality, the more a person feeds desires the less it is a choice and the more it is their preference until it is a part of their very experience and sexual desire. I must say people choose to feed a great many sexual desires not all of them good, but people can’t say they were born that way. As for homosexuality being a gift, that very concept is so wrong in christian terms when a person actually considers that it will never bring forth the satisfaction of a balanced heterosexual relationship, nor will it bring the fulfillment of children.

    Homosexuality is unnatural and causes harm to the body. Weather you are a creationist or an atheist, you can tell by our biology that god or nature did not intend for us to live that way. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. I am not a sexist, but you don’t have to be one to realize that men and woman are unique and different. Men and woman were made fore each other, since the dawn of mankind men and woman had different roles that complement each other both in society and in the family unit. Men are stronger and bruise less easily because of the environment they have to adjust to. I am talking about such places as war, hunting and manual labor. On the other hand women are more in touch with their emotions, which makes them more capable of nurturing children. Indeed when most children are growing up they are absolutely dependent on love and compassion for their well being. My next thought is that if men and women were made only for each other, would there be any consequences of homosexuality? The colon of the human body is a very toxic place where many germs reside. Because the colon is tender, anal sex usually causes the soft intestinal lining to tear letting fecal matter into the blood stream. It is because of this reason that people don’t just need to worry about outside diseases from other people, rather serious infections and diseases are easily created when the doorway is opened. Such notable diseases are Hapatitus B, Giardiasis, Chlamydia trachomatis, Herpes Simplex Virus, and last but not least Aids. Also a person can damage their sphincter muscle ruining the control of their bowel movements. Aside from this is the promiscuous factor. I was very shocked by these statistics when I first saw them, after all even if homosexuality isn’t natural would it really lead a person to utter sexual carelessness. According to the The Social Organization of Sexuality, the average homosexual has fifty lifetime partners, while the average heterosexual has 4 lifetime partners. In the same study it was shown that eighty three percent of heterosexuals were monogamous, while only only 2 percent of homosexuals were monogamous. If you add these statistics with the high risk factors of anal sex, you can understand why the average homosexual dies two to three decades sooner than the average heterosexual.

    Homosexuality has negative social and emotional repercussions. As we have seen monogamy in homosexuality is few and far in between. Even those who are monogamous will never be able to see their relationship bare fruit. Can a person imagine what it would be like to love some one deeply and never be able to have children with them. I truly believe children are the gift of life. For a couple to not have the ability to have children stunts the relationship. Children turn couples and lovers into mothers and fathers, they make the family into something much more meaningful and strong. Now we come to the question of weather homosexuals should be able to adopt. Children need both a mother and father figure, it helps them learn who they are as a man or a woman. A stable mother father environment is essential to children, it shows them how to treat and socialize with the opposite sex. Besides this there has been numerous studies on the differences of children in a healthy mother father environment and children of cohabiting, homosexual, or single parents. In every subject, weather it is drugs, school, or behavior problems, children in a healthy mother father environment generally behave better, use drugs and alcohol less, surpass in school, have less of a chance of suicide, and are more emotionally stable. To me it is obvious that having a father and a mother is necessary, so I don’t believe that homosexuals should be able to adopt children from the state. However, I think that if someone wants to adopt their child out to a homosexual couple, it should be up to that person to choose for himself.

    While I don’t agree with their lifestyle homosexuals are people and deserve to be respected as human beings. “All homosexuals deserve to be put on a island together where they all will die out.” “Homosexuals are revolting and disgusting!” “I can’t stand to be around them it’s no wonder why they are all going to hell.” “Homosexuals should all be put out of their misery so they won’t be able to infect the rest of us.” I hate when I hear comments like these from stupid kids and people! they act like homosexuals are practically subhuman as if some how they are the worst of mankind! When homosexuals are hated and despised by most society in general, they will turn to their own for acceptance and comfort. They will usually end up in what people term as the gay ghetto, Basically the gay subculture of the gay bars where free sex reigns. After a person gets immersed into this kind of crowd it is extremely hard to escape. Prejudice is not the cure to the homosexuality in our nation, it will only make things worse. We need realize that homosexuals are not below us just because of their sexual flaws. If we ever want to help homosexuals in the least then we need to give them respect, or at least equality. Sexual orientation does not define a person’s every flaw. We need to look them in the eyes and judge them as individuals by their own actions.
    by Fred J. Harwell

    • in your remark, you forgot that many heterosexual people could just as easily have anal sex and get the same STD’s the reason for homosexuals to not be as monogamous is because that so few states allow gay marriage. Then your remark about homosexuals not being able to produce children… as if the world isn’t dealing with over population and starvation already!! Homosexuals in one year adopted 16,000 children, meaning they’ll have a loving family. Homosexuals are neccesary in our world. by RW


    The debate and study on homosexuality as a disease is for all practical purposes a resolved one. It is obvious that there is a cause for the existence of homosexuality, and that it must be one of two options. They are born gay or they learn to be gay after birth. The latter theory was created by Freudian era soft science and insinuated that because homosexuality was a learned behavior then it is also a mental defect. Many people refused to accept gays as mentally defective because of evidence proving they are capable of working and living in peace and harmony within society. We are left with only the theory that homosexuality is a birth defect.

    Since 1973 when the scientific community removed homosexuality from the list of mental diseases there has been a great deal of new research on the subject. The two most important studies are in genetics and prenatal hormones. It appears that many people agree with the theory that a prenatal hormone deficiency or unbalance is the reason we are born male or female and if the defect is not as pronounced then it only alters gender identity.

    However there is another way to address this subject that is perhaps a simple answer to the problem. By taking this subject to the next level of recognizing it as a birth disorder then we can also suggest a treatment and cure. When we do that then the next question would logically be, “how many parents would submit their unborn fetus to a therapy if it was considered reliable and safe to administer”? In return the family would have a healthy normal heterosexual child and not be burdened with homosexuality in the family.

    Of course the answer isn’t available because we don’t have such a cure yet and I have yet to see any survey and polls on the subject. I have seen in our health food stores and even in grocery and pharmacies in America a new supplement that advertises as a prenatal support. Are we already seeing Americas answer to the question? Educated young couples versed in rudimentary science are already taking precautions so that their child will not be born homosexual. If so then there is only one question remaining.
    Our third option which isn’t really an option but more or less an addendum is the belief that homosexuals are born gay and then they learn to be gayer. This option takes us back to the question on how many parents would cure their child’s homosexuality if they could. We already know there is a culture shrouding the gay community and gay pride stands as a pillar and foundation that is pushing gay rights into the mainstream. I have already heard in blog sites the voice of dissent on gay cures.
    Some homosexuals would refuse any cure for themselves and that leaves the problem of them having new born and even adopted children. Personally I would view it as a crime for a parent to refuse the cure for an infant and knowing full well that the treatment is 100% safe and reliable. The bottom line is we can’t allow homosexual rights to go beyond the basic necessities of being able to live and work in peace and harmony. We are at the door of proof that will declare homosexuality a disease again. As with all diseases we seek the cure and we may see very soon the result of prenatal nutritional supplementation. Homosexuality as a birth defect may be one of the easiest diseases to cure but the social disease and culture that has developed after birth may prove to be the real challenge, at least until the next generation matures. Homosexuality as a culture must be aborted!

  4. defect in my book “Obama from Macedonia”. Of primary concern was about the modern scientific theory on Prenatal Hormones and Genetics which appears to clarify the cause of homosexuality. What I didn’t get into is the remaining question; “What amount of learned behavior is indicative of unacceptable, deleterious and harmful to the individual gay man or woman that was born with the disease? In other words they are born gay and then they learn to be even gayer by a culture that is reinforced by those that want to help but are doing just the opposite.

    A good metaphorical example might be found in the film “Farewell My Concubine”. This is a movie from China that is based on an ancient story about an Emperor and his concubine. The movie however uses a young boy that was raised by his prostitute mother in a brothel and then sold to some theatre company. He appears to be approximately ten to twelve years old when he was taken in by merciless teachers and was forced to be the star of the show as the female concubine. As we can clearly see he refused to be a female and right from the beginning he was beaten bloody until he submitted to the role. I won’t take the semantics of the film past the appearance that he refused to act like a girl and was forced to the task. The end result was the lifetime in that role eventually leading to suicide.

    What this film might be suggesting is we cannot allow the disease of homosexuality to be exploited as a learned behavior. Of course the example found in this fiction film is a bit extreme but who are we to judge what is happening right now to the tens of millions that are born gay? The twists and turns in life that create a plethora of real life scenarios appear endlessly complex and even replicate what is found in fiction sometimes. To enable the disease of homosexuality by allowing it to be taught as a culture may do far more harm to the individual gay men and women than we can know.

    The fact that science continues to learn is all we need to know. We legitimized homosexuality in the 70’s by removing it from the list of mental diseases and now we are in the process of certifying homosexuality as a disease again. The cost is found in tomorrow’s youth the next generation that relies on age to lead and teach them right from wrong.
    Will power, mind control, and discipline is taught and learned through trial and error. The young mind that has not been disciplined will cast aside the notion of controlling his behavior in sexual matters because he is of the impression that there isn’t any ability and talent in suppressing his sexual desires. Where does it all end? If it is after someone is raped and molested then we as a society have failed our children.

    So homosexuality as a birth defect by itself may be somewhat harmless when applied with constraint and limited by ones nature and when it is legitimized and expanded into a cultural and society it assumes dark and sinister accomplices that convolute into other realms of sexual deviant behavior. Like opening Pandora’s Box when homosexuality becomes a civil right all kinds of creepy creatures will come flying out. It didn’t work in ancient Greece because forcing children into a homosexual relationship runs against the nature of the majority.

    This is a no brainer because there are only two choices. They are born gay or they learn to be gay and science may never give us the perfect answer. Those people that are expecting science to solve the puzzle need to be given a ticket to the other side of the universe. Here sir, take this space ship and fly to the end of the infinite universe and when you get there turn around and bring us the proof that it is infinite. There is a point when people have to decide for themselves what is right or wrong because the solution is unattainable through other means.

    Everything in moderation! We legalized alcohol in the 20’s because the majority wanted a drink. Over the decades we learned that there are two kinds of drinkers; the ones that drink in moderation and use self-control and discipline never falling overboard with drunkenness and the others who never can stop. The same logic should apply to homosexual rights; give them the basic rights that allow them to work and live in relative peace and harmony. Legalizing gay marriage is like giving an alcoholic another drink.

  5. I actually seem to go along with every aspect that was posted throughout Kitchen Window Treatments “Homosexuality – Nature vs.
    Nurture – Psychology – Debate | Nature Vs. Nurture”. I am grateful for
    pretty much all the actual tips.Thanks for your time-Phillip

  6. Lets assume it is nature not nuture. Lets assume with gay rights etc ashamed gays will no longer be marrying straights. The only conclusion therefore gays will be eliminated in a couple of generation years. For that reason I do not believe it is nature because they would have been eliminated by natural selection by now.
    Either way who cares they are not bothering any one.

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